Heads, Arms, Spark Plugs

Production and sale of customised weld heads

We produce custom-made arms and spark plugs
We supply standard weld heads, arms and spark plugs, all ready for delivery

Tecsal is a manufacturer of welding heads, welding arms and spark plugs for overhead and column welding machines.

Our ready-to-deliver heads are available straight, angled and oversized, in different sizes for different electrodes. Our weld heads can solve all electrode inclination requirements for a given weld.

The TM10-S micro-welding head, motorised and compact, is manufactured entirely by Tecsal, in every component. It has been designed and created specifically to facilitate tooling operations and to be able to support different types of electrodes, constructed according to the requirements of spot welding with copper alloys and special coatings.

The motorised head control allows different electrode height levels to be set and memorised, facilitating machining, and is easily managed and programmed via a touchscreen interface. It is supplied already mounted on a customised workbench to make the operator’s work easier

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Spark plugs


Spark plugs

Why choose Tecsal

01A partner for technical and purchasing departments

We supply heads, arms and spark plugs quickly and in any quantity, without intermediaries thanks to fully in-house production.

02Continuous support

We offer after-sales support aimed at transferring knowledge to the customer, so that they are able to take full advantage of the solutions adopted

A solution for every need

You have a new product, and the old setup is no longer adequate?

When you put a new product into production, it can happen that the pointers with the old setup are no longer adequate. Sometimes arms and spark plugs cannot reach certain points, even worse, you can get a worn product as a result.

When are weld heads, arms and spark plugs needed?

All manufacturers and companies that use spot welding machines in their production cycle need spare parts for their machines, as they are perishable parts. There is no need to accumulate too many parts in stock or risk running out during unexpected production peaks. Relying on a trusted partner is the best solution to get every quantity quickly.

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