Spot welding electrodes

Production and sale of electrodes for spot welders

We produce standard and customised electrodes
We supply spare parts for spot welding machines at short notice and for any quantity
We provide targeted advice on electrodes

Tecsal specialises in the production of copper electrodes for spot welding machines, for all types of taper.
We produce the electrodes in-house, either from drawings or samples. In addition, we can design pointer tips for spot welders according to the customer’s specific welding requirements.

Our technicians are available for advice on the most suitable type of electrode for each requirement, e.g. the most suitable shape and alloy according to the type of shapes and materials to be probed, or advice on welding processes.

Our electrode tips are made of copper and copper alloys (CuCrZr, CuCoNiBe, CuW), with no limits on shapes and profiles. We work on the lathe and braze weld all alloys where necessary, which we know and purchase from trusted suppliers.

We use highly compatible software, such as SolidWorks for design and Autodesk FeatureCam for CNC machining.

Trust Tecsal as your welding partner

Are you looking for a quick supply of standard or customized spot welding electrodes?

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Spot welding electrodes


Spot welding electrodes

Electrodes for all types of taper and dimension

Consult and download the technical drawing for the desired taper
Cone 9 - 10% taper
Cone 10 - 10% taper
Cone 9-12-18 - 10% taper
Cone 12 - 10% taper
Cone 20 - 10% taper
Cone 13 - 10% taper
Cone 15 - 10% taper
Cone 16 - 10% taper
Cone 18 - 10% taper

Specific welding needs

Our custom and customisable electrodes are suitable for any welding requirement, from the simplest to the most complex, for example:

coupling of sheet metal of different thicknesses
coupling of grating rods of different cones
coupling of dissimilar materials
coupling of different geometries

For any other requirements, we can provide advice to achieve the ideal result.

Spot welding: examples of finished products

Look at the gallery with some spot welding performed by our customers thanks to the use of Tecsal electrodes: precision machining, with very high mechanical strength, excellent aesthetic performance, maximum electrode life.

Why use custom-made electrodes

Sometimes a standard electrode is not enough to achieve the ideal result, many variables must be taken into account:

profiles and weld joints
consistency and aesthetics of the spots.

A customised electrode has many advantages:

optimum output and better aesthetics
improved mechanical strength
process optimisation
longer electrode life
customer-specific shape

In order to achieve a result that conforms to the required standard, we evaluate any samples as a whole, the material and thicknesses to be welded, the number of repetitions per minute, the desired visual effect on the workpiece, the welding processes used and all necessary parts to achieve it.

Why choose Tecsal

01Immediate delivery

We have a wide range of standard electrodes in our catalogue, always in stock and ready for delivery.

02In-house production

We are able to guarantee greater customer focus thanks to our fully in-house production, which limits the number of steps.

03We are suppliers to the industry players

Our electrodes are chosen by the most important companies in the world of welding equipment.

04Large and small quantities

We supply both large quantities quickly and small series. We also produce small samples.

A solution for every need

Do you need to customise the shape of an electrode?

We can design and produce electrodes that follow special profiles or radii.

Are you making one of these mistakes with your electrodes?

Firstly, it is easy to make a mistake in measuring the taper of an electrode. This error can compromise the final result and cause slowdowns in production or invalidate welding processes, preventing consistent quality parameters from being maintained.

Secondly, an incorrect electrode form can cause problems of various natures, from a lack of mechanical strength to the burning of the workpiece, from poor electrode life to more serious consequences such as damage to the machine itself, due to incorrect parameter settings.

Precisely these kinds of wrong choices can shorten the life of the electrode. It can also be an unsuitable mode of use, the machine on which it is mounted, the type of material to be welded that is not optimal. With technical advice, many problems can be solved, so that procedures can be improved, and the most suitable type of electrode can be chosen.

When is a customised electrode needed for a spot welder?

A custom electrode gives the best results for complex shapes, e.g. in the eyewear industry, or for knife handles or special metal furniture. However, there are many sectors that can benefit from our solutions: e.g. electronics, carpentry, household appliances, wire machining, bolting, furniture, electro-medical equipment.

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