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Induction welding and its applications

Induction welding is used for longitudinal welding in the pipe and tube industry.

Electromagnetic induction welding avoids the use of open flames and prevents contact with workpieces. Heat is induced electromagnetically into the workpiece.

Induction welding can be manual, through the use of induction welders, or automatic, with the incorporation of induction welders into robotic electromagnetic induction welding systems.
The use of automated systems has several advantages:

it is a reliable and highly productive process
allows for precise temperature control
allows high distribution repeatability

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Our experts are available to advise you on induction welding.

02Continuous support

We offer after-sales support aimed at transferring knowledge to the customer, so that they are able to take full advantage of the solutions adopted.

03Training and licensing

We organise professional training courses for induction welders in-house and are authorised to issue the welder’s licence, thanks to our cooperation with the ASQ STS welding school.

04Remote support and repair

We provide remote and real-time maintenance support for induction welders, both for special maintenance and repairs of welding equipment. We can replace components quickly and in even massive quantities.

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Do you also need other components and accessories for your induction welder?

Tecsal can produce everything you need regarding the use, spare parts and maintenance of your induction welder. Contact us to submit your request.

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Tecsal designs and builds induction welding plants customised to the customer’s production requirements. We can also manufacture every component of the plant and recommend the best solutions.

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