Production of electrodes and welding components

All welding components we produce can be made to customer drawings.

We are manufacturers of welding electrodes made of copper and its alloys

We produce and sell standard and custom-made electrodes
We manufacture and sell standard and custom-made welding components

All welding components we produce can be made to customer drawings.

Tecsal manufactures electrodes for welders made of copper and its alloys, for all types of taper.
Copper tips of various shapes, cones and sizes are always available in stock.

We can produce customised electrodes, starting from your technical drawing or thanks to our design department. We are able to meet all requirements for the use of pointers and resistance welders.

Production and sale of welding electrodes and customised components

We produce copper welding articles to meet all welding needs. Our welding accessories can be of standard or customised taper, diameter, size and use.
In our catalogue you will find:

Spot-welding electrodes
Micro welding heads
Spark plugs
Lamellar connections

Advice on processes, equipment and raw materials

Our technicians are always on hand to solve any welding-related problems. We can advise you on process optimisation, the best equipment and its modification or repair, and we are experts in the use of copper.

Why choose Tecsal

01Immediate delivery

We have a wide range of standard electrodes and components in our catalogue, always in stock and ready for delivery.

02Large and small quantities

We supply both large quantities at short notice and small series; we also produce small samples.

A solution for every need

Are you unable to maintain consistent quality parameters or processes

We ask our customers to provide us with a sample in order to carry out some tests: our specialised staff can provide tried, tested and customised welding process solutions that improve the quality of the weld in terms of appearance and tightness, while also making the production process consistent.

You don't know how to do a particular type of welding?

You may have a new product to weld, or you may be using a new welding machine that does not seem to meet your usual standards. We can advise you on the correct welding process or whether you should produce a customised electrode according to the material to be welded.

What needs can our components cover?

There are many applications that can benefit from our solutions: e.g. aerospace, electronics, sheet metal welding and generally manual or automatic punching equipment.

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