Fan covers: examples of finished products made with Tecsal solutions and technologies

We can design personalized solutions to make fan covers. Take a look at the image gallery to see some products made by our customers with our solutions.

Fan covers are fixed guards designed to provide protection from moving mechanical parts. We can design systems to handle any type of fan cover.

We manufacture fan covers in different types of steel, with different surface treatments: plasticisation, painting, galvanising etc.

They can have variable diameters from 300 mm to 1500 mm, a variable number of sectors and different shapes, from the simplest flat to three-dimensional.

Our technicians can programme the machines to achieve optimised cycle times according to the production line batches and guarantee a high aesthetic yield of the product.

The fan covers are complete with fastening accessories such as nuts or washers.

Tecsal's proposals

Tecsal can produce both the traditional line and robotized islands, which are versatile and can be modified also at a later date. It is possible to retrofit existing systems.

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