Welding types

Metal welding and types of welding for every need

Welding includes different types of processes and there is no absolute best process. Knowing the differences is fundamental in order to choose the most suitable type for the work to be carried out.

People often do not know the real potential of their welding machine, from the point of view of both mechanical strength and aesthetics. They risk using it far below its capabilities.

On the other hand, an incorrect type of welding or an error in the choice of machine can lead to below par quality of work or inefficiencies impacting the production process.


We can group welding into two macro areas to simplify the concept:

Welding with material input

  • With use of inert gas
    • TIG welding
    • MIG welding
  • Without the use of gas: electrode welding only
    • MAG Welding

Welding without material input

  • Resistance welding
  • Laser welding

How to orient yourself and understand which type is best suited to your needs?Tecsal provides solutions for all types of welding on different types of materials:

We recommend and sell the welding machines that best suit the customer’s needs and perform best

We can modify and customise certain types of welding machines

We can produce customised welding machines, based on the product to be produced and the customer’s requirements

We specify chillers, electrodes and equipment for each machine

We can provide advice on the best welding solutions for each specific need

Welding machine types: discover our products


  • Customisable resistance welding machines
  • Customised welders


  • Resistance welders
  • Tecsal head for micro spot welding
  • Arc welders
  • Capacitor discharge welders
  • Plasma cutting systems

Welding accessories: discover our products


  • Customised electrodes for spot welders
  • Customised lamellar connections
  • Custom-made braids and cables
  • Custom-made arms and spark plugs
  • Custom-made coupling rollers


  • Electrodes for standard spot welders
  • Standard Lamellar Connections
  • Standard braids and cables
  • Standard heads, arms and spark plugs
  • Standard welding rollers

Why choose Tecsal

01Training and licensing

We organise professional training courses for in-house welders and we are authorised to issue the welder’s licence, thanks to our cooperation with the ASQ STS welding school.

02Remote support and repair

We provide remote and real-time maintenance support on welding machines, both for extraordinary maintenance and repairs of welding equipment. We can replace components quickly and in even massive quantities.

A solution for every need

Welding equipment: is it right for you?

Thanks to robotic welding, more precise processing can be achieved, and the productivity of manufacturing processes can be increased, whatever the type of finished product, from the simplest to the most complex. Tecsal is a welding machine and equipment manufacturer that designs and manufactures automated welding systems according to the customer’s specific need. We study the company’s production process together with the customer and design the best possible system for the customer’s actual needs.

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