Wire EDM department

Toll Wire EDM services

We guarantee with our EDM work:
We have wire EDM machines at our disposal
We perform complex <strong>toll wire EDM</strong> services.

Thanks to our wire EDM machines, we can easily and quickly perform highly complex and extremely precise toll machining, including on electrodes, mechanical parts and sharp edges.

We can also guarantee excellent results for shapes that are difficult to produce with conventional machines, such as electrodes for spot welders, thanks to unconventional machining processes.

Our team of technical department and wire EDM operators is highly specialised and capable of handling all kinds of requirements.
On request, we can design customised electrodes if the customer cannot provide a drawing.

Unlike other machining companies, we specialise in machining hard metals such as tungsten and tungsten alloys.

Our EDM machines:
Accutex SP300i Wire erosion, X travel at 330, in Y 250 and in Z 250mm

Why choose Tecsal

01Fast processing

02High precision machining

03Excellent surface finish

A solution for all needs

Do you need to turn a workpiece on several axes?

We use a spindle to optimise machine productivity.

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