From design to production of automated welding machines

In the design and production of customised robotic welding systems, we start by studying the customer's needs. Then, based on the information received, we develop and manage the definition of the system internally, at mechanical, electronic level and regarding the software.


Listening and understanding

During the discussion with the customer, based on his actual needs, we define the characteristics of the plant, such as the different stages and types of processing, volumes, production times and type of loading. During the inspection at the customer’s site, we define the size and logistical requirements. We then define the timing, trying to accommodate any special requirements.

Technical planning

Once the specific requirements have been specified, we move on to the definition of the layout using a dedicated study and innovative technical design software. The preliminary layout, once approved, becomes the final design of the automated plant, which will be followed by the production department for its construction.

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The entire production of robotic welding systems takes place in-house, from the electrical and mechanical parts to software development for Industry 4.0 systems. For each system, we guarantee the highest production quality and durability.

Software development

An automated system cannot function without dedicated software. We therefore take care of the programming of the software, so that it is flexible and adaptable to all production requirements. The software allows the production equipment and its components to constantly communicate with each other, acquire data and take advantage of all the functionalities dictated by Industry 4.0.

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Installation, first start-up and training

After constant attention at every stage of production and initial testing at our premises, we take care of the legally compliant installation and first start-up of your new system. We support your staff in the use of the new system, providing all the necessary documentation and training to make the most of all the features of your new machine.

Customisation and assistance

We also want to be your point of reference for future modifications to adapt your plant to new production requirements. We also remain available in the event of a breakdown, replacement of a component or any other type of assistance you may require.

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