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We are a reseller of capacitor discharge (or capacitive discharge) welders of the CRT brand. The CRT CD66 model, due to its extremely fast discharge, allows the welding of metal studs and stud bolts up to ΓΈ 8mm in approximately 2-3 ms.

Smooth or threaded studs, fastons and bushings can be welded in copper-plated iron or stainless steel. The welding machine is particularly suitable for welding sheet metal with a minimum thickness of 0.6 mm. Capacitive discharge welders are suitable for inserts from M3 to M8 and for iron, stainless steel, brass and aluminium (max. M6).

We can also provide advice on the best solutions for using the welding machine to maximise the results in terms of quantity and quality.
The machine is correctly sized, based on the information required provided by the customer.

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Do you need jigs and ad hoc spare parts?

We can produce custom-made jigs, centring devices and all necessary spare parts, including welding studs, stud bolts, fastons and bushings. We produce custom-made welding components in-house.

When do you need a capacitor discharge welder?

There are many applications that can benefit from our solutions, for example in manufacturing it can be used for sheet metal processing and in the electrical appliances sector. In these cases, a machine is needed to weld threaded or plain pins, bushings or fastons onto sheet metal, so as to create a fastening point on one face of the sheet metal, avoiding welding marks on the opposite face

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