Welder training


The welder’s training is highly important, both in terms of complying with the law and making the best use of the equipment. Tecsal takes care of the training of welding personnel in order to optimise processes as much as possible.

Welding course with theoretical and practical training

Professional welding training courses are essential both to operate in accordance with the law and to use the equipment in the best possible way, respecting the processes, the materials to be welded and the health of the worker.

Tecsal’s aim is to spread the welding culture in all its aspects, to enable companies to optimise welding processes to the limit, to obtain a higher product output and to improve the quality of the work itself.

We provide professional training courses for welders
We train welding personnel in the use of Tecsal automated systems

01Welder’s license

Thanks to Tecsal’s collaboration with the ASQ STS school for welders, an authorised certification body, at the end of the course the welder obtains the welder’s qualification certificate.
The welder’s licence is necessary to work within a company and to comply with European regulations.

02Resistance welding courses

We organise professional training courses for in-house welders. Our staff is specialised in all types of welding, but our core business is resistance welding. We have always favoured spot welding equipment and accessories and can make our decades of expertise available to companies.

03Training in the use of Tecsal equipment

Appropriate training is a prerequisite for the proper use of our equipment. That is why we support all our customers in learning the functionality and operation of the new equipment we supply, in order to make the personnel autonomous and with greater working skills

04Training of welding inspectors

For companies that want to become a processing centre, we follow the process from start to finish and train in-house welding inspectors

05Welding specification courses

Navigating welding specifications is not easy. We provide courses on certifications, welding processes, welders’ qualifications, welding machine characteristics, quality control and everything else required in technical documents.


Why choose Tecsal

01Welding standards

We advise on all welding standards, such as welding specifications, welding class standards, ASME welding standards, UNI welding standards, welding fume extraction and fire regulations, welding machinery certification.

02Practical test with machinery

We give you the opportunity to undergo practical welding tests directly in your company or at Tecsal's premises, where we have all the necessary equipment available to provide your personnel with the training they need.

A solution for every need

Do you need further training on your Tecsal system?

When we design and sell an automated welding system, we always carry out a training period for the client’s staff. It is possible that requirements change over time: Tecsal remains at the client’s side even at later dates, available for any questions and doubts.

Welder training courseContact us for training your employees on welding processes and the correct use of equipment