From idea to solution: examples of finished products made with Tecsal solutions and technologies

We can design customised solutions from the idea of a product. Take a look at the image gallery to see some of the products made by our customers with our solutions.

Tecsal is able to design entirely customized systems, even starting from the idea, i.e. from the final product to be manufactured: an approach applicable both to industrialise a new product, or to automate manual processes in any sector.

Let’s take the example of beekeeping: Tecsal has produced a line for drilling and assembling the frames of bee hives, a process that was previously carried out manually.

The line has an autonomy of 8 hours, and can process 4 types of frames.

The line is independent in each of its stations: loading, drilling, stitching, stapling, trimming and palletising.

Another example is bicycle frames: we can supply the individual machine or the entire automated system for the welding of accessories onto bicycle frames.

With automation, welding can be done in 2 seconds.

We can design entirely customised plants, either to industrialise a new product or to automate manual processes in any industry.

Tecsal’s proposals

The possibilities for automation and processing are endless: depending on requirements, we can design systems small machinery parts or complete lines. A robotised plant can be modified at any time to meet new requirements.

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