Micro-welding heads

Production and sale of customised weld heads

We design motorised micro spot welding heads
We design pneumatic micro spot welding heads

Tecsal manufactures and sells resistance welders for micro-spot welding, both motorised and pneumatically driven. The heads are equipped with a load cell for precision welding requiring a high degree of consistency and uniformity.

The TM10-S micro-welding head, motorised and compact, is manufactured entirely by Tecsal, in every component. It has been designed and created specifically to facilitate tooling operations and to be able to support different types of electrodes, constructed according to the requirements of spot welding with copper alloys and special coatings.

The motorised head control allows different electrode height levels to be set and memorised, facilitating machining, and is easily managed and programmed via a touchscreen interface. It is supplied already mounted on a customised workbench to make the operator’s work easier

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Motorised micro spot-welding heads
Pneumatic micro spot-welding heads

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Why choose Tecsal

01Convenience and efficiency

The TM10-S head is ergonomic and supplied already mounted on a customised workbench.

02Turnkey solutions

We provide customer-ready solutions.

03Continuous support

We offer after-sales support aimed at transferring knowledge to the customer, so that they are able to take full advantage of the solutions adopted

04Low cost

The TM10-S features high-level functionality at a low cost, as it is entirely manufactured by Tecsal.

A solution for every need

Do you need to integrate a micro spot welder into a Tecsal automation system?

If you have already purchased an automated welding system but your previous work did not include micro welding, we can modify your system to add one or more heads. Our designers are able to expand and modify your system with as few interventions as possible, thanks to the study carried out in the pre-design phase and our solid know-how in all welding processes.

Do you need a supply of resistance welding electrodes?

We produce in-house spot welding electrodes for all types of taper, quickly and for any quantity.

When do you need a resistance spot welder?

There are many applications that can benefit from our solutions: e.g. resistors for coffee machines, eyewear production, metal tips for biros and any other type of small-sized point.

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