Microwelding: examples of finished products made with Tecsal solutions and technologies

We can design custom-made solutions for precision spot welding. Look at the picture gallery to see some products made by our customers with our solutions.

Microwelding is a technology used for precision welding that requires a high degree of consistency and uniformity of the spot, e.g. to spot weld various types of resistors in various sectors, from the household appliance to aerospace sectors; to weld switch coil terminals in the electronics and electrical engineering sectors, etc.

In the sector of battery packs: Tecsal is able to supply a complete production-line for the welding and control of battery packs up to 500 x 500 mm, all fully automated.

It is a very versatile technology, easily adaptable to other sectors as well (examples in photo). In many cases it can replace lower performance solutions, such as tinning or TIG welding: compared to these it can guarantee better performance in terms of mechanical sealing, high temperature sealing, aesthetic performance, time savings.

Tecsal's proposals

Tecsal has extensive experience in micro-welding solutions and is able to provide both its manual spot welder (the Tecsal TM10-S head designed in-house) And a complete automated system, as well as advice on micro-welding and on the most suitable electrodes.

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