Resistance spot welders

Sale and customisation of Tecna and CEA spot welders

We supply customised resistance spot welders
We supply resistance spot welders with an immediate delivery
We customise spot welders according to requirements

We are dealers of Tecna and CEA brand resistance welders and accessories such as welding control instruments, single-phase transformers, three-phase parallel transformers, inverter kits and others.

We are also able to modify and customise all machines to suit specific customer requirements. All you need is a design or sample of the finished part, the number of parts to be made, and an understanding of the minimum expected aesthetic and sealing requirements.

We can also provide advice on the best welding solutions for each need, in order to optimise results in terms of quantity and quality.

Resistance welding machines, standard or customised, are available in different versions:

column-type spot welders for the welding of sheet metal, nuts, gratings
table-top spot welders for the welding of electronic parts, resistors, automotive parts
butt spot welders for the welding of tubes
Suspended spot welders for tanks and muffles
Twin-point spot welders for battery packs and for the aerospace sector

Why customise a resistance welder

Thanks to welding machine modifications, from the simplest to the most complex, numerous benefits can be provided:

  • speeding up the cycle time
  • improving the aesthetic appearance of the weld
  • spot welding dissimilar materials
  • standardising the process
  • working in safety
  • reduce energy consumption
  • add the possibility of interconnection to 4.0 systems

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Are you searching for another product?

Are you searching for another product?

Why choose Tecsal

01Turnkey solutions

We provide solutions ready to be applied by the customer's in-house personnel.


We design processes and machinery internally to meet customer requirements.

03Continuous support

We offer after-sales support aimed at transferring knowledge to the customer, so that they are able to take full advantage of the solutions adopted

04In-house workshop and spare parts

Our workshop manufactures both machines and spare parts, quickly and without additional intermediaries.

05Training and licensing

We organise professional training courses for in-house welders and are authorised to issue the welder’s licence, thanks to our cooperation with the ASQ STS welding school

06Remote support and repair

We provide remote and real-time maintenance support for welders and equipment, both for extraordinary maintenance and repairs of welding equipment, including third-party machinery. We can replace components quickly and in even massive quantities.

A solution for every need

Have you purchased a resistance welder from a third party but it does not perform as well as you would like?

Buying a good standard welder is not always sufficient for an optimum welding performance. A standard spot welder may not be suitable for all cases if you want to achieve excellent results in terms of quality, quantity, durability, aesthetics and repeatability. Modifying and customising a welding machine can significantly improve performance, without investing in the purchase of new machines.

Are you making one of these mistakes with your spot welder?

Incorrect use of the spot welder risks decreasing production. Unknowingly, methods can be used that slow down cycle times, or incorrect parameterisation can lead to non-compliant spot welding. In addition, undersizing or oversizing the machinery can have negative consequences on the durability and aesthetics of welding. To avoid mistakes that can have serious consequences in the long run, it is always a good idea to rely on a partner who can guide you in the correct use of welding solutions.

When do you need a resistance spot welder?

There are many sectors that can benefit from our solutions in different applications: e.g. aerospace for resistors, electronics for battery packs, sheet metal welding to make tanks and ovens, automatic spot welding systems to produce gratings for ovens and refrigerators, and white goods for fronts and tops of household appliances.

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