Copper electrodes for spot welders

Avoid production stoppages or excessive waste,
with quality electrodes ready for delivery

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The catalogue offers standard electrodes divided by taper, but we can supply any type of electrode:
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Minimun batches

In-house production


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Custom-made electrodes and production benefits:
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Find out why a custom-made electrode can make a real difference,
and how misuse can negatively impact your production.

Made-to-measure electrodes:
advantages for your production

Improve your production: with a custom-made electrode you can:
reach any point to be welded
improve aesthetics with invisible welds
improve mechanical strength
increase electrode life
reduce waste
avoid machine downtime

Electrodes for welding
particular shapes

Do you need to weld a workpiece with a particular shape but cannot get good results? Request an electrode with a specific shape for:
spot welding profiles or joints
optimising spot repeatability, consistency and aesthetics
joining sheets of different thicknesses
joining grating rods of different diameters
coupling dissimilar materials
coupling different geometries
Micropuntatura materiali dissimili con soluzioni saldatura Tecsal

Spot welding: examples of finished products

See the gallery with some of the spot welds carried out by our customers thanks to Tecsal solutions: precision manufacturing, very high mechanical strength, excellent aesthetics, maximum electrode lifespan.
Griglia dettaglio puntatura con soluzioni saldatura Tecsal
Copriventola puntatura con soluzioni saldatura Tecsal
Copriventole con soluzioni saldatura Tecsal
Griglia puntatura con soluzioni saldatura Tecsal
Griglia puntatura con soluzioni saldatura Tecsal
Griglia puntatura con soluzioni saldatura Tecsal

Visit the section with photos of all the finished products

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