Automated welding system design

Custom-made turnkey automated solution: choose Tecsal


We produce custom-made automated welding systems


We reproduce and implement existing welding systems


In-house production of hardware and software


In-house production of electrodes and mechanical components


We use Industry 4.0 production technologies


We deliver ready-to-use machinery


We support your staff with training in operating machinery


We provide ongoing assistance and maintenance services

Why implement a customised automated welding system?

Every company and every product have very specific requirements, for which a standard welding robot may not suffice, or may require numerous finishing touches. A customised automated welding system allows you to carry out even more processing in less time, while maintaining consistent processing quality and minimising waste.

The advantages of welding robots

An automated or robotised plant has several advantages, which can be defined as greater precision and productivity, thanks to the repetition of the welding process with an accuracy that cannot be achieved manually.
Cost efficiency: waste is reduced to a minimum
Quality: no need for a reworking or finish of the final product
Precision: welding processes are repeated in a quick, precise way
Productivity: machining can be done for longer
Control: the machinery can be in operation 24/7, scheduling maintenance
Safety: automation reduces risks for workers

Robotic islands and welding robots tailored to your needs

There are many reasons for choosing to implement automated machinery in your company:
Producing a new product in the most efficient way
Replacing a manual process with an automated one to speed up a production cycle, to improve product quality or to reduce personnel costs
Reorganising the production process
Tracking the production process more accurately (e.g. good parts, rejects, cycle times, wear and tear, alarms)
Introducing administrative machine interfacing to meet the needs of industrialisation
Increasing productivity with modifications of existing welding systems
Optimise production in terms of time, quality and personnel costs.

Our automated systems are custom-designed for each requirement, always with process optimisation in mind.

We can start from your requirement or idea, to develop customised proposals and the best solutions for welding or other processes.

Starting from a technical-economic analysis, we can design a tailor-made solution to optimise production, maintaining a high and consistent quality and have a drastically reduced final finishing touch.

Our automated systems are custom-designed for each requirement, always with process optimisation in mind.

We can start from your requirement or idea, to develop customised proposals and the best solutions for welding or other processes.

Starting from a technical-economic analysis, we can design a tailor-made solution to optimise production, maintaining a high and consistent quality and have a drastically reduced final finishing touch.

You don't need many systems: one is enough

Do you need to handle many different applications and processes?

Designing several systems for individual applications can be costly and may not be the most efficient and effective solution. With a custom-made design, a single welding system can be built that brings together all the necessary types of processing. Process automation ensures repeatable, precise, quality processing that minimises waste.

We are manufacturers of robotic welding systems

Tecsal specialises in the production of robotic welding islands with wide flexibility of use, tailored to the needs of each specific production. Our solutions are of superior quality for several reasons:

  • Single point of contact: we follow the customer at all stages, from consulting to design, from training to maintenance, through to the sale of welding machines and spare parts.
  • Customised solutions: we are able to provide customised solutions for any kind of requirement related to the world of welding and robotic welding systems.
  • Quick solutions: every need, spare part request or problem can be solved in a short time, with maximum efficiency and without having to call in third parties.
  • Consultancy: we can recommend the best welding solutions thanks to our decades of experience.
  • Production of customised components and electrodes: Tecsal can produce all the necessary mechanical components and electrodes, standard or customised to specific requirements.
  • Industry 4.0: our welding systems benefit from all the advantages of innovative Industry 4.0 production technologies.
  • Software configuration: our technicians can configure the appropriate software for the required functions. We can programme each machine or PLC by creating the appropriate work cycle sequence and graphical user interface.
  • Service and maintenance: our customers can rely on the maintenance and servicing of their equipment, even remotely

Our method

We want to build the product you have in mind as efficiently and effectively as possible, to guarantee you a safe, long-lasting and quality robotic system, built entirely in-house.
During the design phase we will ask you to carry out preliminary tests, in order to verify the feasibility of the design or request and guide you towards improved solutions if necessary.

01Customised design

After an initial inspection, we listen to your real needs, carry out a preliminary definition of the process and define the primitive layout of the machine.
We then design the system, with the possibility of modifications during the course of production, thanks to direct connection between the design office and production.


After presentation of the preliminary layout and approval of the executive design, production of your machinery begins, both on hardware and software sides.
Our technicians also take care of the programming, with the work cycle sequence according to your needs.

03Testing and installation

At the end of the production phase, the first testing takes place, followed by the installation at your premises and the first start-up of the system, to verify its proper functioning.
We take care of mechanical assembly and machine wiring.

04Training and coaching

We accompany your plant operators so that they know how to make the most of all its functions and optimise the process. We also provide you with continuous consultancy and after-sales support, even remotely.
All machinery is supplied with a comprehensive user manual.

Machining processes

Not only welding: our machinery can perform any type of process and merge several processes in the same machinery to return finished products.

However, our aptitude for welding solutions also allows us to provide specific advice on welding processes, combining training and many years of experience.






Types of automated machinery

We can create different types of automated systems, depending on requirements:
  • modifications of existing installations
  • design of fully customised automated machinery
  • design of automated systems grouping several processes
  • design of automated welding plants for individual processes:
  • single-process automated machinery design:
    • automated handling systems
    • automated plasma cutting systems
    • automated assembly machines
    • automated loading/unloading systems
    • automated palletising systems

Production sectors


Yellow goods


Oil & gas








Why choose Tecsal


We guarantee absolute customer confidentiality on designs and prototypes

02Continuous support

We offer after-sales support aimed at transferring knowledge to the customer, so that they are able to take full advantage of the solutions adopted

03Software component certification

Our staff has specific know-how in the development, production, configuration and in-house improvement of software components.

A solution for every need

Not sure exactly what kind of system you need?

Our experts are available to guide you according to the practical need or idea you have in mind. We will ask for the information you need to facilitate the realisation of the system, such as advice and technical information on your product and proven production processes, so that you do not fall back on design mistakes you have already made before.

Have you purchased a system from a third party that does not suit your needs?

Solutions designed for others may not be effective for your company. If you have previously purchased a system that was not built with your company’s actual production process in mind, you may end up with sub-standard manufactured parts, sub-standard cycle times, a sub-standard appearance. Looking for initial savings can in the long run result in risks of loss that should not be underestimated. For major investments, it is always better to rely on an expert who can guide you towards the best solution and guarantee you an effective, safe and durable system.

Which companies benefit from automated systems?

In order to operate a plant, you need to be familiar with robots and PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), understand how automated machinery works, what its strengths and weaknesses are, have a minimum of familiarity with HMIs (Human Machine Interfaces) and notions of mechanics to be able to operate the machinery.

If your staff needs to refresh or strengthen these skills, the training courses provided by Tecsal can fill any gaps.

Which companies benefit from automated systems?

There are many companies that can benefit from our solutions: e.g., companies that carry out wire machining in oven and refrigerator grills, the electrical appliance sector, the assembly of mechanical components, the resistance sector, packaging, handling, robotics, eyewear and many others.

Workers gain in safety, thanks to the use of light curtains and safety sensors certified in compliance with safety regulations.

Do you want to build a customised automated welding system?

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