Resistance welding and micro spot welding

Use and solutions of electric resistance welding

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Resistance spot and roller welding

Resistance welding is used to weld sheet metal, thus with applications in any sector

This process allows better control over the precision and pressure to be applied.
Resistance welding involves a thermoelectric process of creating heat by passing electric current between electrodes. It is an autogenous welding method, in which a fusion of the parts to be joined takes place.

The most common techniques are:

Resistance spot welding
Roller resistance welding

Spot welding can be manual, through the use of resistance welding machines, or automatic, with the insertion of spot welders into robotic resistance welding systems.

Roller resistance welding involves the use of copper discs that make spots in succession on overlapping metals.

Micro spot welding

Micro welding heads are used for precision spot-welding and welding of micro-components. These small machines have great power and a very high degree of precision.
We have designed and produced the Tecsal TM10-S, a compact, motorised head that makes the operator’s job much easier.

Resistance spot and roller welding

Spot-welding electrodes are the fundamental part of any machine.
These copper tips (or copper alloys) must be carefully chosen on the basis of shape, taper and size in order to be able to perform spot welding correctly. Using the wrong electrode can result in poor quality spot welding, both in terms of aesthetics and mechanical strength.

This is why Tecsal pays the utmost attention to electrodes. We recommend the best solutions based on the material to be welded and the type of result to be obtained.

We are also specialised in the production of electrodes for welding, both based on designs or samples.

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Our experts are at your disposal for advice on resistance welding and micro welding, thanks to decades of cross-disciplinary know-how in the world of welding.

02Continuous support

We offer after-sales support aimed at transferring knowledge to the customer, so that they are able to take full advantage of the solutions adopted.

03Training and licensing

We organise professional training courses for in-house welders and we are authorised to issue the welder’s licence, thanks to our cooperation with the ASQ STS welding school.

04Remote support and repair

We provide remote and real time maintenance support for resistance welding equipment. We can replace components quickly and in even massive quantities.

A solution for every need

Do you also need other components and accessories for your spot welder?

Tecsal can produce everything you need for the use, spare parts and maintenance of your spot welder. Contact us to submit your request.

Would you like to automate the spot welding with the appropriate machinery?

Tecsal designs and manufactures customised resistance welding systems according to your production requirements. We can also produce every component of the system and recommend the best solutions.

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