CNC turning department

Contract turning services with CNC automatic lathe

We have <strong>CNC lathes</strong>
We perform <strong>toll CNC turning machining</strong>

With our different types of numerical control CNC lathes and automated tooling, we can contract manufacture mechanical components with complex geometries and tight tolerances, providing maximum manufacturing versatility.
A CNC lathe requires minimal supervision and provides very high repeatability, features that, combined with the high skills of our CNC turners, can offer a wide range of size capabilities for various applications.

Our turning machinery:
Biglia 565 YS Motorized Lathe with bar passage Ø70, maximum Ø 150 and maximum length 200mm
Angelini Motorized Lathe with bar passage Ø50, maximum Ø 150 and maximum length 150mm

Why choose Tecsal

01Optimize workpiece feasibility

02Improve its aesthetic appearance

03Optimize the overall manufacturing time

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