Toll mechanical manufacturing

7 advantages of mechanical manufacturing with Tecsal


We perform toll mechanical manufacturing in compliance with all standards


We also produce components in small series


We can recreate parts from samples


We deliver products quickly, even at short notice


We have a large and constantly updated machine park


We follow every stage from design to finished product


We guarantee a high level of quality control

Why choose precision toll mechanical manufacturing?

To cope with unexpected production peaks, it can be optimal to rely on an external supplier for mechanical manufacturing, in order to contain costs and at the same time have the security of being able to rely on a partner with specific professionalism and know-how.

Are you looking for a CNC turning service or other mechanical machining?

Does your company need machining such as milling, wire EDM, grinding or outsourcing CNC machining?

Tecsal performs all types of toll precision machining and produces a wide range of mechanical components and parts, both large and small.
We specialise in the production of mechanical components even in small series, and in the manufacturing of mechanical systems or their spare parts.

We provide our customers with a large CNC machine park and a highly specialised team.
The constant updating of the machine park and the know-how of the team allow for maximum flexibility according to requirements and the best result for our customers.

Our production departments

Thanks to our large and well-equipped machine park, used by our specialised staff, we guarantee quality and efficiency in the main toll mechanical manufacturing operations.
See the list of machinery available in each production department.

A machining company to deliver you finished products

Tecsal can take over all the machining necessary to deliver a finished product, whether it is a single component or a welding system.
We guarantee maximum support in all phases of machining, from the design phase and following the entire production, assembly and testing cycles, guaranteeing quality and maintaining schedules.

Our technicians can provide specific advice on welding processes, combining training and many years of experience.

We guarantee quality mechanical manufacturing.

Mechanical processing requires qualified personnel and specialised machinery. By outsourcing them, you can reduce costs while maintaining high quality, in absolute confidentiality.
Thanks to our experienced CNC programmers, we guarantee the highest quality in finishes and precision machining.
It is possible to request exclusive support for the creation of mechanical parts directly from samples.
We have all the necessary certifications to provide a high level of quality control service.

Why choose Tecsal

01Speed and efficiency

We have two 5-axis machines so we can carry out particular machining operations in less time. Tecsal is also the single point of contact to interface with for every need, without the need for third parties.


We guarantee absolute customer confidentiality on designs and prototypes

03Continuous support

We offer after-sales support aimed at transferring knowledge to the customer, so that they are able to take full advantage of the solutions adopted

04Trusted partners

In long-term projects, we give our best. We know the standard required by the customer and are more efficient in terms of both quality and in meeting deadlines.

A solution for every need

Does your company not have an in-house workshop?

We can produce spare parts for your company’s systems or build components for the systems you sell.

Do you need to machine materials such as tungsten or sintered alloys?

Tecsal manufactures electrodes for spot welders capable of processing these materials in-house. We produce custom-made electrodes with the required taper.

Which companies benefit from toll mechanical manufacturing?

There are many companies that can benefit from our solutions: e.g. manufacturers of automated systems, carpentries, subcontractors lacking certain machinery, workshops

Looking for a toll mechanical manufacturing company?

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